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A FairyTaled Etiquette Course

A FairyTaled Event is proud to offer Etiquette Classes.

With FairyTaled Etiquette, our goal is to teach young children in a fun and interactive setting the value of politeness and good manners. This class will uncover how traditional etiquette fits into the modern world while introducing respectful and thoughtful behavior. We aim to assist in developing courteous and confident individuals who will be able to govern themselves well in many social encounters. By learning the true value of etiquette, your child will gain a new level of respect for how he or she carries oneself while considering the comfort of those around them. And who knows, they may meet some storybook characters along the way…


  • Introductions/Conversation Etiquette
  • Compliments, Giving and Receiving
  • Common Social Courtesies
  • Telephone and Internet Etiquette
  • Modesty & Proper Dress
  • Good Hygiene
  • Letters/Invitations/Thank You Cards
  • How to be the Perfect Host/Hostess
  • How to Throw a Tea Party
  • Proper Table Settings
  • Table Manners/Etiquette
  • Royal Ball Dance Lessons
  • And Much, Much More…                                                                                                                                                         

Meet the course instructor Nicole H.

Nicole Hunley’s love for working with children developed during her 6 years of working with the Walt Disney Corporation both domestically and abroad. Throughout which time she practiced grace, elegance and genuine kindness daily through various roles, training and etiquette lessons (often with the assistance of her friends Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle and Mary Poppins). These experiences, along with knowledge acquired through exploration of various etiquette literature, education in Wedding and Event Planning through P.C.D.I., a degree in Entrepreneurship from M.T.S.U., and nearly a decade of event marketing led Nicole to the launch of her new business, A FairyTaled Event. Specializing in elegant Princess Parties and fun, interactive courses that teach children etiquette basics, A FairyTaled Event is sure to bring joy to many children and families alike. Nicole’s ultimate goal is to help children build self confidence and kindness towards others. To reach this goal she plans to spread joy and love through creativity, imagination, good manners, and a few of your favorite storybook characters. After all, the greatest gift we can share is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13