… in a far away land, there once was a young girl whose dreams came true when she was hired to work at the most magical place on earth...Disneyland!

For many years she worked in the land of imagination and her heart was filled with joy every time she saw children's dreams come true.

One day she decided to explore this joy further and traveled to the distant park of Hong Kong Disneyland to help bring magic to friends overseas.

The desire to spread love, kindness and and joy only grew just as the young girl grew. Before long the girl had become a young woman and she decided it was time to settle down and pursue her dreams of starting a family and a rewarding business in the beautiful city of Nashville.

Once upon a time...

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Let's Create Magical Memories and

FairyTaled Dreams!

From the moment she saw this beautiful new land, she just knew it would be a perfect place to continue bringing joy through imagination, creativity and fun; and what better way to do so, then with the assistance of FairyTaled Princesses.

From then until forevermore, the woman along with the beloved FairyTaled Princesses set forth on a mission to create the most incredible memories for children and families that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

​                                                                                               The End!